2017 Reflection

Reflection is a very important aspect of ones creative process as it allows you to reflect on what you have achieved and on what you have learnt. It also enables you to plan your next steps and formulate a plan for the future and perhaps helps avoid some of the pitfalls!!!  2017 was a difficult year in some aspects but from a perspective of my progress as an artist and printmaker I am pleased with the development of my practice. However I am constantly aware of my feelings of self doubt and questioning of my ability. This usually takes the form of procrastination and putting off decisions or finding an excuse not to do something!!! I have been trying to conquer these doubts, but still they are there…..

I have concentrated on various forms of printmaking, (monotype, linocut, screen printing, collograph, drypoint and photopolymer etching), watercolour and experimenting with acrylics.

seascape, holidays, beach, summer, sky, sand, walking

As a designer I have often used acrylics to create textile designs,sometimes using them like watercolour at others using them mixed from the tube layering the paint on already textured surface. This was the first canvas and it was a great feeling to sell it at the Alresford Arts Festival Landscape and seascapes run through much of my artwork together with studies from nature, (birds, vegetables, flowers, insects, fish, trees, grasses, shells, stones!!!!) I suppose any aspect of the natural world.

In 2017 I spent time developing my monotype printing. I don’t tend to use a printing press for this, but print by hand using a baren. I take hundreds of photographs when I am out walking which are my inspiration when back in the studio. I carry a sketchbook on all my outings and either draw or use watercolour or a mix of the two just to try and capture the seance of a scene or subject and also take hundreds of photographs both of these are used when back in the studio.


Hampshire, Keyhaven, monotype, colours, seascape, marshes,

The monotype above was based on the marshes at Keyhaven and was created by using many different layers. For other printmaking processes I do use a printing press. Below are a variety of different  processes used and a few examples of my prints from 2017.

photopolymer etching, leaves, monochrome, print, printmaking,
Photopolymer etching
seascape, mudflats, coast, evening, tidal, photopolymer etching, printmaking
Low tide, mudflats, Keyhaven Photopolymer Etching
Sussex, Cuckmere Haven, liprintmaking, beach, cliffs, sea, seascape, linocut
Cuckmere Haven Linocut
Sussex, Cuckmere Haven, liprintmaking, beach, cliffs, sea, seascape, linocut
Cuckmere Haven
mudflats, cliveden, sea, coast, seascape, tides, tidal, linocut
Reduction linocut
grasses, meadows, fields, wildflowers, countryside, drypoint, printmaking
Drypoint etch
landscape, trees, oak tree, rapeseed, spring, sky, countryside,
Rapeseed Field 4 colour photopolymer etching
monotype, printmaking, sea, seascape, Devon, art, flour, storm, sky
Sea 1 Monotype
  • 2018 is now upon us and my plans for this year are to:
  • Work on conquering self doubt and procrastination, I will complete online courses with Jessica Serran  I took some tentative steps in 2017 which in fact started my canvas paintings.
  • Reflection on my practice
  • Continue to develop my work through a variety of printmaking processes.
  • Carry on painting with watercolour and acrylics and continue trying to work in a larger scale. It was very liberating to paint my watercolour of Keyhaven Marshes earlier this month. I used a 1″ and 4″ brush together with mark making implements.

watercolour, painting, Keyhaven, Hampshire, marshes, seascape, coast,

Keyhaven Marshes – Watercolour 2018

  • My sketchbook is an integral part of my practice and will be my constant companion.
sketchbook, watercolour, painting, landscape, trees, Avebury, Wiltshire, rapeseed fields,
Sketchbook page 2017
  • I am also developing a range of fabrics with Eve Morgan and hope to be retailing these in 2018.


design, textile design, ethnic pattern, repeat pattern, fabric, linen
fabric colour trials


I will let you know how I am doing and what progress I am making in my next Blog, March 2018


Happy New Year


A quote to leave you with and which I have posted on my notice board for 2018  is by Dr. Edwin Land,


‘An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail’













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