Storm Approaching


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Storm Approaching

Acrylic painting on canvas

Canvas size: 50 cm x 40 cm

Framed Size: 55 cm x 45 cm

The painting is framed in a in dark blue/slate grained tray frame. The frame is 4 cm deep, (from the wall) and 1.5 cm wide.

I am both a painter and a printmaker, the different processes enable me to work in different ways and each help to create new avenues of research.

‘Storm Approaching’ was painted from sketchbook work and photographs of the beach and sea at Seaton in Devon. Light is fascinating, one moment dark and threatening and the next light and uplifting.

I use acrylics to paint and quite often work on a textured ground. As a textile designer I often used acrylics to paint designs and used various mark making tools and techniques to create interesting grounds. These have been used to create woven collections and also print collections for well known brands.

Sketchbook work is an integral part of my process sometimes very quick drawings of only a minute, ten minutes to more detailed drawings which take much longer. I use waterproof pens with light fast inks, graphite, charcoal, pencil and watercolour.

I have always loved the coast and especially the in-between, the tide line, marshes, the merging of land and sea and further out to the horizon.




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