Clevedon Poets Walk


Clevedon Poets Walk

Reduction Linocut

Print size: 15 cm x30 cm

Overall size including mount: 29.5 cm x 44 cm
Clevedon, Poets walk is mounted with Arqadia mount board in Glacier White. It has an acid free backing board and cellophane wrapped.
This print is a Limited Edition of 8 signed and numbered prints together with 1 signed Artist’s Proof.

As both a printmaker painter, the different processes enable me to work in different ways and each help to create new avenues of research.

‘Sketchbook work is an integral part of my process sometimes very quick drawings of only a minute, ten minutes to more detailed drawings which take much longer. I use waterproof pens with light fast inks, graphite, charcoal, pencil and watercolour.

Photography is often used either my phone, but often my bridge camera and sometimes a digital SLR camera. I use photographs as an aid memoir together with my sketchbook work to produce artwork either at home or if printmaking where a press is required I use an open access print studio.

I have always loved the coast and especially the in-between of land and sea, the tide line, marshes, the merging of land and sea.




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