I only paint a few pictures for sale, sometimes they are all done in a short time frame. This is usually when I have the urge to pick up a paint brush or other implement to make marks on either paper or canvas.

I tend to use both acrylic and watercolour, acrylics for canvas and watercolour on paper. When I am using watercolour I often use other implements to paint on the surface of the paper.

My themes for my paintings and prints are all taken from nature in its many guises. Landscape, seascape, estuaries, rivers, flowers, plants, grasses, trees, animals, birds, insects, rocks, cliffs, moorland,

Seascapes and particularly the transient land between sea and land. This is ever changing with the tides, these change constantly depending on the cycle of the moon. These are Neaps or Springs, these effect the margins immensely as Neaps are lower at high tide and Springs are much higher.

Add to this the weather, wind, rain, fog, sun and the seasons all so different and such inspiration for me.

I take my sketchbook, usually just a small A5 one, but if I have the space in my rucksack I take a slightly bigger one. If the weather is such that drawing isn’t possible I use my cameras – my phone, great for instant pictures of my surroundings and my old digital bridge camera which gives me much more flexibility. I regularly curate my photos and make a photo book so I can easily find my reference and I draw from these, translating them into paintings or prints.

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