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inspiration nature environment grasses, flowers, natureseed heads, meadow plants
Hedgerow plants

Inspiration from nature and the environment is the basis of my work.

My work is very varied as I use many different mediums and techniques, in fact I experiment regularly with either new mark making techniques, learning a new form of printmaking or new techniques in Adobe Photoshop.

Photographic – inspiration nature environment

I live in a small village in Hampshire and I am very lucky to be surrounded by beautiful landscape. I walk everyday and this makes me look at everything around me, I take photos either with my iPhone or with my Lumix Bridge Camera. The beauty of digital photography is that even if photographs are not successful they are easy to delete and cheap to take.

nature inspiration environment grasses, yarrow, wildflowers, fields, crops
Structural inspiration

We are members of the National Trust and RSPB together with other societies and charities such as RHS, Hants and IOW Naturalist Trust and Woodland Trust. By walking public footpaths, visiting nature reserves, forests, moorland, coast and historic houses and gardens inspiration from nature and the environment is easy to find.

inspiration, nature, environment yarrow, cow parsley, plants, fields, hedgerow, wildflowers
Strong natural forms

This Blog only touches on one aspect of my inspiration from nature and the environment that of field, hedgerow and meadows.

However as mentioned earlier my inspiration comes from many natural habitats and environments. I draw everyday and recently I have been drawing and photographing  hedgerows, meadows, fields etc.

inspiration, nature, environment buttercups, greater spearwort, meadows
Yellow and green inspiration

 Examples of sketchbook and printmaking techniques using inspiration from nature and the environment

inspiration nature environment roadside, lane, linocut, hedgerow, plants, flowers, grasses, meadows
Linocut taken from images of a local lane
inspiration nature, environment Photopolymer etch, grasses, roadside, plants
Roadside inspiration
inspiration Nature environment Pen drawing, grasses, roadside, plants, fields
Sketch book pages
inspiration nature environment Collograph, grasses, roadside, plants, fields


I have recently started to collate imagery so that I can have it printed and made into a photo book. My most recent has been to have a photo book showing a variety of my grasses, meadows, field margins, roadsides etc. It is so useful to have a wide selection of imagery at my fingertips especially on days when its hard to make that all important start.

Inspiration roadside, lane, photo, hedgerow, plants, flowers, grasses, meadows, countryside,

Inspiration Nature Environment -Take that first step, go for a walk, take some photos, use that sketch book!



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