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I am a designer and artist living in rural Hampshire. The inspiration for my artwork  are transient shadows of natural forms, the ever-moving coastline of mudflats, marshes and waterways. Landscape, rocks, cliffs, moorlands, flowers, trees and the wildlife that inhabit these environments. There is more information on commissioning artwork here

My designs are all hand drawn and then transformed using computer aided design. A perfect combination of traditional skills and digital technology.

My bespoke service is tailored to individual requirements ranging from recolouring existing designs to working with individual clients to create fabrics or artwork for specific locations. I can be commissioned to work on bespoke design projects please contact me here.

Prints in aid of WWF UK

A donation of 20%  for each each print will go to  WWF_UK to raise funds for their campaigns. I designed this print in response to the David Attenborough film, 'Life on our Planet' which was made with WWF_UK for Netflix.  I am passionate about nature, the natural world and our environment. We must all act, small changes can make a huge difference. Imagine if we all made small positive changes the impact throughout the world would be immense.