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Jan Sherwood Studio

Painting, prints and greeting cards.
Jan Sherwood is an artist who is inspired by the natural world, Seascapes, landscapes in watercolour, acrylics and mixed media.


Settled in rural Hampshire near the South Coast of England, artist Jan Sherwood is in close proximity to her number one inspiration: nature. The intake of surrounding wildlife is apparent in Jan’s artwork including transient shadows of natural forms, the ever-moving coastline of mudflats, marshes and waterways. Landscape such as rocks, cliffs, moorlands and woodlands are also captured elements across Jan’s work.

Jan’s designs are all hand drawn and then transformed through a computer aided design process - a perfect combination of traditional skills and digital technology.

Jan’s bespoke service is tailored to individual requirements and larger commercial projects ranging from recolouring existing designs, to working with individual clients to create fabrics or artwork specific locations. If you would like to hire Jan to commission work on any bespoke design projects you have coming up, get in touch ​to start the process.

If you would like to learn about Jan’s commissioning artwork can be found here ​


Jan’s artwork encompasses a variety of expertise including printmaking (various techniques), painting (watercolour, acrylics, mixed media and drawings) alongside bespoke designs that exhibit Jan’s versatility. Take a look at Jan’s artwork here.


Jan is a textile designer for manufacturers and her own collections while offering her bespoke design services to individual clients, interior designers, architects looking for a more personal custom-made feel. Explore Jan’s design work here



Tailored to individual requirements and larger commercial projects, Jan’s bespoke services range from recolouring existing designs to working with individual clients to create fabrics or artwork specific locations. Why not see for yourself and take a look at Jan’s bespoke portfolio and don’t hesitate to enquire about your upcoming project.

Jan Sherwood Studio

Painting, prints, and greeting cards.

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